Technology and Real Estate Council (Gold Flight)

Technology and Real Estate Council (Gold Flight)


Convene an interdisciplinary group of real estate professionals and real estate and technology innovators to explore how real estate businesses and our communities are being transformed by the emergence of new business models, demographics and behavioral shifts, disruptive technologies, and the sharing economy. The Council will focus primarily on exploring how technology impacts development and development trends as well as how the real estate industry can help drive technology for better land-use decision-making.

TREC will examine new business models that are emerging organically in the traditional real estate space, such as ride and home-sharing, the convergence of formerly separate business models, such as residential and hospitality, and entirely new models like digital marketplaces and “real estate as a service.”

Council days feature specific themes designed to highlight, through presentations and site visits, how specific real estate projects and owner/user/capital relationships have been impacted by innovation and transformation and how real estate entrepreneurs are capturing opportunities that are emerging due to transformational shifts in traditional models. Programs also include presentations on long- and short-term market implications of evolving concepts and technologies, ending with “pitches” by founders of early-stage platforms.

Council membership is diverse and represents all real estate product types, as well as founders/entrepreneurs, real estate, data and technology service providers, and capital sources (both real estate and venture).

They are exploring how real estate ownership, operations, returns, and our communities can anticipate and leverage transformative business ideas to advance the industry and ULI’s goals.

A list of all Americas Product Council Leadership is available here as a PDF.

View current members of the Transformative Business Ideas Council. See recent agendas from TBIC meetings.


Full Members of ULI are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Associate Members may apply and are required to upgrade to Full Membership if they are selected. Please include a personal statement on why you are interested in serving on this council and your qualifications in the form below. We encourage you to take time to craft your statement as it is the primary method for Product Council chairs to evaluate your application.  We also welcome you to include the name of a Product Council member who can serve as a reference.


Members establish lifelong connections through the Product Council experience and gain valuable insights to apply to their businesses

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Space is highly limited for this opportunity with preference given to senior-level members

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