Transit-Oriented Development Council Member or Leader

Transit-Oriented Development Council Member or Leader


The role of the Transit-Oriented Development Council (TODC) is to educate and promote best practices for high-quality development in and around transit. With a rapidly growing world population and more than 50% of the earth’s inhabitants living in our cities and straining our infrastructure and quality-of-life, “smart growth” is no longer a good idea, it is an imperative.

Transit-oriented development directly advances the Urban Land Institute’s core missions of urbanization, conservation, regeneration, smart land use and sustainable development. TOD creates walkable development (urban and suburban) in our cities and towns by connecting residential, retail, office and institutional developments with public amenities and high capacity transit to reduce significantly or eliminate the need for automobiles.

You can learn more about the TODC Council’s mission, interest areas, and leadership team here on the ULI Americas website. Recent Council meeting agendas are also available here in Knowledge Finder.

A list of TODC Council members is available using the Advanced Search Product Councils filter in Member Directory.


Full Members of ULI are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Associate Members may apply and are required to upgrade to Full Membership if they are selected. Please include a personal statement explaining why you are interested in serving on this council, what you have to offer to the council, and your qualifications in the form below. You may include the name of a Product Council member who can serve as a reference.

You can submit your application to join a Product Council at any point throughout the year, and it will be provided to Product Council Leadership as vacancies occur. However, submitting your application during the months when opportunities are “active” will ensure your name is provided to Council Leadership as they determine new appointments and guest spots for the upcoming ULI Fall and Spring Meetings.


Product Council members establish lifelong connections, develop their leadership profile, and gain valuable insights to apply to their businesses.

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