Self Storage and Last Mile Logistics Council Member

Self Storage and Last Mile Logistics Council Member


The mission of the Self-Storage and Last Mile Logistics Council is to explore and define best practices for the development of self-storage facilities, to facilitate sustainable self-storage growth and develop new ideas to collaborate with today’s e-commerce and booming logistics business.

The Council involves a diverse community of self-storage operators, developers, businesses, investors, financiers, jurisdictions, agencies, professionals, and practitioners who share challenges, opportunities, approaches, processes, ideas and best practices for planning, designing, marketing, offering, constructing and implementing self-storage business growth.

Council members explore and define the unique opportunity of combining self-storage with today’s growing e-commerce and logistics business to provide value add and create a faster, safer and smarter service to the community.

The important gateway role of Airports to stimulate Economic Development through Airport Development is a key purpose of the Airport Development Council.


  • Planning, Designing, Marketing, and Constructing self-storage & last mile Development.
  • Discuss potential mixed-use scenario between self-storage and last-mile logistics
  • Addressing the unique need of today’s e-commerce and logistics business and how self-storage & last mile can complement it
  • Exploring the possibility of achieving faster, safer and smarter storage and logistic services through combining the power of self storage operators and developers, logistics and e-commerce operators and also public sectors
  • Incorporating unique land use, zoning and compatibility

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