Rondo Land Bridge Workshop Participant

Rondo Land Bridge Workshop Participant


Real estate and land use experts are needed to help design and pilot a “4P” development and financing model, bringing together private companies, public and philanthropic organizations, and people in the community for the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota. This work will help support local ownership or investment where the community has the tools to negotiate and receive direct and indirect benefits that result from infrastructure and land use development as part of the building of a new land bridge or freeway cap over a reconstructed Interstate 94.

Key components of the work will result in a community benefits framework that ensures a Collective Impact Trust Agreement related to future key public and private development decisions.

  • A shared understanding of the needs and expectations of the community.
  • A shared understanding of developers’ expectations that are key to successful investment.
  • New partnerships with agreed upon conditions and parameters needed to be successful to ensure that there is equity and community ownership at its core.
  • A restorative rebuilding model for Minnesota’s first African American Cultural Enterprise District connected to the future land bridge.

Learn more about the Rondo land bridge project and vision here:


Workshop participants will serve as industry experts as part of a series of dialogues with community members and other partners over the summer convened by ULI Minnesota in close partnership with the Curtis Infrastructure Initiative, ReConnect Rondo, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This will help to evaluate and create solutions and an implementation plan in the application of a P4 (Public, Private, Philanthropic and People) model with the key goal of creating value and investment that benefits the community while ensuring that necessary investment partners and publicly funded projects are financially successful.

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The ULI Curtis Infrastructure Initiative has partnered with six ULI district councils across North America to provide technical assistance as part of a cohort to help build capacity to reconnect divided communities—physically, socially, and digitally. This cohort of ULI members and staff, local leaders, and other global experts meet regularly over the course of a year to identify key issues, share best practices, and provide updates on projects to support each other in addressing complex infrastructure challenges. The Rondo project builds on a partnership started in 2018 ULI Advisory Services Panel report within this historically African American neighborhood devastated by the construction of the interstate highway system.

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