ULI Carolinas Regional Council – Rethinking Southern Cities Council Member

ULI Carolinas Regional Council – Rethinking Southern Cities Council Member


The ULI Carolinas Regional Council/Rethinking Southern Cities Council explores how southern cities can best harness their growth in a more urban and authentic fashion. Discussion focuses on the effects of population growth, demographic shifts, and consumer preferences on development patterns, including infill development, adaptive use of historic or obsolete buildings, transportation, infrastructure, and urban housing.


Members of ULI Charlotte, ULI South Carolina, and ULI Triangle with ten or more years of industry experience are invited to apply every fall. Membership is limited to 55 people and participant serve three-year terms. The Council meets twice a year in North or South Carolina. Learn more about the Regional Council/Rethinking Southern Cities Council.


Members gain opportunities for leadership and volunteer involvement in ULI at the regional level by fostering a culture of openness and sharing issues critical to land use planning and real estate development in the Carolinas.

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Space is highly limited for this opportunity, and preference is given to ULI's most experienced members.

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