ULI East Central Regional Product Council Member

ULI East Central Regional Product Council Member


The ULI East Central Regional Product Council (RPC) provides a multi-disciplinary forum for members affiliated with five District Councils in the U.S. Midwest: ULI Cincinnati, ULI Columbus, ULI Cleveland, ULI Indiana, and ULI Pittsburgh. The RPC faciliates information exchange and the sharing of best practices on a variety of development topics among mid- and senior-level members.


Members can participate in the ULI East Central Regional Product Council by submitting an inquiry through the form below. This opportunity does have an application process and is limited to mid- and senior-level members.


Committee members have the unique opportunity to convene with members across the East Central region of the Midwest and discuss solutions to regional land use challenges.

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Space is highly limited for this opportunity, and preference is given to ULI's most experienced members.

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