Airport Development Council Member

Airport Development Council Member


The mission of the Airport Development Council (ADC) is to explore and define best practices for the development of Airport properties and their adjacent areas, to facilitate sustainable Airport growth and economic development.

The Council involves a diverse community of public and private sector Airport operators, developers, businesses, investors, financiers, jurisdictions, agencies, professionals, and practitioners who share challenges, opportunities, approaches, processes, ideas and best practices for planning, designing, marketing, offering, constructing and implementing Airport and Airport Area Development.

Council members explore and define the unique considerations of Airport development including the role of Airlines, Aviation, procurement processes, special land use and zoning considerations, funding sources (including from the Federal Aviation Administration) and offering leased land.

The important gateway role of Airports to stimulate Economic Development through Airport Development is a key purpose of the Airport Development Council.


  • Facilitating the development of Aviation and Airport Operations, Terminals, and Airport Commercial Development.
  • Facilitating Airline requirements and growth of cargo operations for moving people and products.
  • Addressing the unique land use, zoning, compatibility and noise issues at and
    around airports.
  • Exploring the implications of multi-jurisdictional frameworks and community considerations and processes for implementing Airport Area development.
  • Incorporating multi-modal transportation and mobility.
  • Overcoming obstacles and constraints of procurement processes.
  • Exploring best practices for offering Airport properties and leased land.
  • Advancing how development is implemented at Airports.
  • Sharing case studies of best practices in Airport and Aviation development.

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