Airport Development Council Member

Airport Development Council Member


The mission of the ADC is to explore and define best practices for the development, financing, and management of airport properties and their adjacent areas and to facilitate commercially and environmentally sustainable airport growth and inclusive economic development for their host communities.

The Council will involve a diverse community of public and private sector airport operators, developers, businesses, investors, financiers, jurisdictions, agencies, professionals, and practitioners to share their views on challenges, opportunities, approaches, processes, ideas and best practices relating to airport and airport proximate development. Council members will explore and define the unique considerations of airport development as well as influences on airport host communities including the role of airlines, aviation oriented businesses, public infrastructure procurement processes, special land use and zoning considerations, funding sources (including private and public sector capital providers such as the Federal Aviation Administration and other Federal Agencies) and selectively utilizing PPP project delivery mechanisms. The important role of airports to act as a catalyst to stimulate sustainable economic development that benefits a broad scope of stakeholders will be a key focus of the ADC.


  • Planning, designing, marketing, and constructing airports/airport re-development.
  • Facilitating the development of airports and related supporting real estate assets such as passenger terminals, general aviation facilities, cargo buildings, airline hangars and maintenance buildings, hotels, retail, food & beverage, innovation, employment, workspace, parking garages/lots, and others.
  • Evaluating the role of airports and aviation in the broader context of global climate change.
  • Facilitating the use of technology to optimize the growth of safely and efficiently moving people and products by air.
  • Addressing the unique land use, zoning, compatibility, and noise issues at and around airports.
  • Exploring the implications of multi-jurisdictional frameworks and community considerations and processes for implementing Airport centric development.
  • Incorporating regional multi-modal transportation and mobility activities into airport planning and operations.
  • Exploration of developing uniform, transparent, and reasonably predictable procurement processes.
  • Inquiry into best practices for utilization of airport properties and real estate.
  • Comparing US airports to others in the world through the lens of land use and fostering sustainable economic development of public use infrastructure.

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